DUNCAN® UNIVERSITY or Other “Dru” Classes….


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Dru Woodward

Lake Wales, FL 33898

PH 863-874-0MUD (863-874-0683)

FAX 863-614-0055



Duncan U Seminars will be taught with Duncan Products, most of my other “Dru” classes are also taught with Duncan Products.


The minimum per class is 8 students per day.  If more that 100 miles away; 10 students a day minimum is required if more than 175 miles away an additional 2 day minimum is required.


Night seminars can be added to regional seminars.  The minimum is 8 when in conjunction with a 2-day booking.


Included in the seminar fee is:  Product (not ware) used during class, seminar packets which includes: photos, detailed instructions and patterns.


Depending on the seminar content and location of the seminar most seminar fees range from $35-$45 for evening and 1/2 day seminars.  $45-$65 for a full day.  All fees are per person


If the seminar is cancelled 30 days prior to seminar date and travel plans have already been made, a cancellation fee of $100 per day will be charged.


Seminars need to be booked at least one month in advance, preferably 3 to 6 months in advance to allow preparation time for both the studio and the instructor.


Select Duncan U seminar  or Dru class* of your choice and/or If you need detailed information about the project email me accordingly. I will be happy work with you and make any modifications to fit your studio needs and to ensure that my seminars are a wonderful learning experience for your students.


Custom Designed Seminars are also available.  Please contact me directly for more information on a Seminar Designed just for you!