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         Duncan Ceramic Art Products:


iLoveToCreateŽ, a DuncanŽ Enterprises Company is the world's leading manufacturer of ceramics and crafts products. With nearly 70 years of experience in the ceramic arts industry they embrace a proud history of innovative, quality products and exceptional educational programs.


You’ll find that Duncan offers the complete creative solution for your ceramic arts projects, with their extensive collection of classic and on-trend bisque designs, easy-to-use fired product families and the tools needed for their application. You can expect consistent, brilliant results every time you work with Duncan products because of the highest of standards and following of stringent guidelines in the creation and production of all of their products. Ceramists worldwide have deemed Duncan paint to be the most reliable as well as having the most popular glazes and underglazes in the industry today.


For more information on  iLoveToCreateŽ, a DuncanŽ Enterprises Company please visit: 

http://www.ilovetocreate.com  or  https://duncanceramics.com

Duncan Ambassadors:


Duncan Ambassador = a diplomatic technically trained professional ceramics instructor of the highest rank appointed by DuncanŽ. DuncanŽ Ambassadors are the elite teachers in the ceramic industry. Students look to DuncanŽ Ambassadors first as the experts in ceramic education and DuncanŽ product knowledge.

Duncan Ceramic Education:





In July of 1968, DuncanŽ launched the DuncanŽ Ceramic Products Teacher Certification Program that established a standard in the industry for innovative, high quality ceramic education. Modernized in 2000, DuncanŽ unveiled the all new Duncan University built on the foundation of 32 years of ceramic education experience. Since it’s inception more than 60,000 students worldwide have participated in the Duncan Ceramics teacher educational programs which are taught by the foremost ceramics expert in the world, Duncan Ambassadors.


Meaning of the DuncanŽ University Logo:

ˇ The diamond shape signifies the highest standard of excellence.

ˇ The white color signifies an artist’s canvas.

ˇ The primary colors signify infinite creativity; primary colors can create any color.

ˇ The paintbrush signifies the Ambassador bringing out the artist in all of us.

ˇ The DuncanŽ signifies education backed by the world leader in ceramic products.

ˇ The U, under University is directed at YOU, the reason for DuncanŽ University!


Every DuncanŽ University Student has a transcript maintained at DuncanŽ University headquarters. As students complete courses they earn credits towards Teacher Certification, Shield Club, Erma DuncanŽ, Golden, Emerald and Diamond Awards.


For more info and to view courses offered visit: http://www.ilovetocreate.com/Education#duncanu


If you locate a course you would like to partake in or if you have any questions please contact me directly via phone or email.:




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