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Dru Woodward

It is a great honor and privilege to serve you and offer my services as a

Duncan Ambassador in the central Florida area.


I’m a die hard ceramic enthusiast that loves creating unique designs. I’ve been teaching all types of fired art for over 20 years-from 2 year olds to seniors citizens. As a Duncan Ambassador, a technically trained professional ceramics instructor, iLoveToCreate®….do you?

Interested in learning more about Duncan Ceramic Art Products or Duncan University courses? Let me help you! I am located and teach in the central Florida area and beyond too. Some of your questions may be answered on the other pages of this website, please check them out.  If you would like to set up a Duncan U course in your area or want more info on classes click here    

or please contact me via phone or email.


             “Creativity is intelligence having FUN”-Albert Einstein


I am looking forward to having FUN with you :)



             Dru Woodward

Lake Wales, FL 33898

PH 863-874-0MUD (863-874-0683)

FAX 863-614-0055